The Magic Is Inside You

Energy Assessment

We will assess your energy and go over the results to give you more insight into what may be out of balance.

Soul Sessions

We will focus on creating practical action steps that align with your energy centers needs.

Mindfulness Coaching

This can consist of anything from meditation to business building. There is always a connection between your “real” life and your energy systems.

the work we do together is a deep dive into who you really are-  discovering, uncovering, activating, experimenting, playing with energy, manifesting, ultimately creating. you make new decisions with a fresh clarity and confidence that feels electric.

What clients are saying:

“Danielle taught me how to reconnect with my soul, that the Universe has a plan and to trust that plan, and that change can be painful but it is always for our own betterment. Since that deeply desperate day 4 months ago, sitting in her office with no hope for a better tomorrow, I am proud to say that I have since learned and began working toward a life that fuels me and frees me instead of one that is simply built on survival.”



Welcome to Sacred Soulutions I am so glad you found me. I'm a mom of two, a daughter and a son, who have rocked my world. It’s having them that has propelled me to live my best life, be true to who I am and participate in creating a world that is better then when I arrived in it. I realize to do that I need to support people to be more loving, feel safe and support and connect with them in the way I know how- through energy. Read More


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  • The journey of an empath an be wrought with u happiness, uncertainty and feel like an emotional roller coaster. 
Before I realized I was a sensitive person I had zero boundaries and felt like I was going a little crazy. I could swing from anxiety to sadness to excitement all influenced by my environment and by the people around me. 
I thought it was all me- and that was a scary place to be. I was often feeling drained and depleted and sometimes that can still happen if I don’t take care of myself the way I need to. 
This class will support you in understanding your gifts and using them to help others. It will raise your consciousness and your vibration. 
You have a gift. You have a calling. Time to share it.

I’m excited to share this. 
Registration open in bio ⬆️⬆️⬆️
  • My mantra. My most favorite part of the whole prayer. My entryway into surrendering when I realize I’m grasping too tightly. Surrender, faith, love... and now I can breathe again. Thank you @tosha_silver for bringing breath back into my body and flow into my life. I feel resurrected. After the 8th listen of Its Not Your Money and the second read- Life continues to unfold in the most miraculous ways.
  • #BRONDE Thanks @jmediii!

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